OneGuide KIT

Keyless, precise, open guided surgery kit, designed to allow for more accurate, efficient and safe surgery with minimal error and drill heating.

The keyless design allows easier drilling sequence and implant placement where patients have limited opening, allowing the drill to be inserted through the side window.

OneGuide Surgery KIT

Keyless, open guided system.
Compatible with most in-surgery software systems.
Tapered design drilling sequence.
Easier implant placement in the posterior region.
Reduced movement as the drills included in the kit minimise movement during the drilling process.
Reduced heat at drill site. A side opening in the OneGuide drills facilitates a water supply, cooling the contact area to prevent heating at the drill site.
Shorter drilling steps. Drilling steps are shortened dramatically by adopting 122 concepts, using different techniques according to bone density.

Precise surgery with unshaken drilling

Initial drilling:
Smart design which allows the parallel part of the drill to be in the stent for up to 3mm prior contact with the bone.
Backward drilling:
Allows precise drilling as the drill is always in contact with the guide area, due to tapered drill.

OneGuide KIT fig1

Easy access to the back of the mouth

OneGuide KIT fig2A lateral window can be designed in the stent which facilitate drilling in the posterior region even with limited mouth opening.

Intermaxillary space: OneGuide – 36mm, Conventional guide – 51mm

Reduce bone heating

Enables fast drilling without heating, due to the OneGuide’s side opening, facilitating douche, whilst still allowing the outstanding cutting force of the drill. (Recommended rpm: 800~1200rpm)
OneGuide KIT fig3

Shortening drilling steps dramatically by adopting 122 Concepts

2 ~ 4 Drilling to implant placement protocol depending on bone density.OneGuide KIT fig4

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Treatment Planning

OneGuide Guided Surgery

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Prosthetic Design


Prosthetic Fabrication

This keyless guided surgery kit is designed to be simple and safe. Featuring several precise drilling tools and guide development from Hiossen® Implant, this kit allows for more accurate, efficient and safe surgery with minimal error and drill heating.