Implant System

The TS Implant System is the most popular implant used by implantologists. Every medical case can benefit from a short and minimally invasive treatment which is reasonably priced and is very predictable when choosing from a large range of implant prosthetics.

The TS implants not only sticks out because of the excellent design with an efficient corkscrew thread, self-tapping ability and dual thread, but also support a sustainable primary stability.

Our TS system has a morse taper connection, providing a superior connection between the implant and the abutment. There is no micro gaps; the entry of bacteria and resulting bone loss is prevented.

The feature of the platform switching and the ingenious drill concept of the Taper Surgical Kit guarantee a long term success for the stabilisation of hard and soft tissue. Every surgery can be performed with excellent aesthetic results based on the wide range of prosthetic components for the TS System.

Characteristics of TS Implant System

SA: Sand blasted with alumina and Acid etched surface

Optimal morphology: Combination of crater and micro-pit
Optimal surface roughness: Ra 2.5~3.0㎛
Early cell response: 20% faster than RBM
Early bone healing: 20% faster than RBM
Early loading possible after 6 weeks of placement.

SA Surface

SA: Sand blasted with alumina and Acid-etched surface.

• Optimal morphology: combination of craters
and micro-pits.
• Optimal surface roughness: Ra 2.5~3.0µm.
• Early cell response: 20% faster than RBM.
• Early bone healing: 20% faster than RBM.
• Early loading can be done after 6 weeks of placement.


The TSIII SA implant has been developed with the most advanced research and devlopment by Osstem Implant. This is the ultimate implant for any case, as it uses a simple surgical procedure. The featured SA surface allows for quick osseointegration, promoting a quicker healing time.
The optimal design gains high initial stability in any bone density. Its vast range of sizes makes it the perfect implant for any patient.

• Morse taper and internal hex connection
• Platform Switching for preserving bone
• Manufactured using Grade C4 pure Titanium
• SA Surface to enhance biological healing
• Self tapping and aggressive threads
• Tapered design to provide excellent mechanical stability


TS Implant Types

The TSIII SA fixture has two types of abutment connections for a simple restorative procedure. A Mini Connection is used for the Ø3.0 and Ø3.5 implants. All other implants (Ø4.0, Ø4.5, Ø5.0, Ø6.0 and Ø7.0) use Regular Connections. The Mini Connections are highlighted yellow below. In contrast, the Regular Connection can be used with the same abutment for fixtures 4.0 and wider, regardless of the diameter of the abutment. These are highlighted green below.

TSIII Ultra-wide

TSIII Ultra-Wide 1
Fixture only:
Fixture product code (example : TS3S6010S)
Pre-Mounted Fixture (Simple mount)
M + Fixture product code (example : MTS3S6010S)

TSIII Ultra-Wide implant types

TSIV SA Implant


The implant that specially performs in the weaker bone

• Small Thread: Increased initial stability in soft bone
• Sand-blasted acid etching
• Helical cutting edge
• Corkscrew Thread:
• Increased taper for improved initial stability
Ø 4.0 : 0.8 Ø 4.5 : 1.0 Ø 5.0 : 1.2

Sharp and rounded apex
• Increased taper for improved initial stability.
• High success rate, even with poor bone quality.
• Specially developed for maxilla and soft bones.
• Improved initial stability with application of helical
cutting, corkscrew thread and sharp rounded apex, allowing the implant to be placed with minimal drilling.

• Submerged-type implant with morse tapered internal hex connection.
• Excellent self-tapping ability.
• Recommended insertion torque: below 40Ncm.

Fixture only:
Fixture product code (example : TS3S6010S)
Pre-Mounted Fixture (Simple mount)
M + Fixture product code (example : MTS3S6010S)

TSIV SA Implant Types

TS Packaging

TS Packaging

Ampoule user guide

Applying: grip type ampoule to protect TSIII SA surface.

TS Ampoule user guide