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CAS-Kit The perfect solution for internal sinus lift
– Safely lifts the sinus membrane while drilling – Unique Stopper system prevents over-drilling – Hydraulic Lift system safely lifts the membrane

TS Implant System Years of research and development resulting in an optimal implant body design and the ultimate implant surface treatment
– Efficient Self-Cutting Threads – Tapered Internal Connection – SA Surface (20% better than RBM)
SMARTbuilder Smart adaptation of bone deficiency areaGood anchoring and low mobility after surgery, SMARTbuilder has a good function for barrier membrane during bone regeneration

Guaranteed for a lifetime..Leading in the field of dental implants worldwide. Osstem Implant’s R&D Centre has developed various new products including TSIII, TSIV, CAS & LAS Kits and Ultra Wide System.The R&D Centre seeks to develop customer-oriented products on a continuous basis while further improving product reliability.


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