Guided Surgical Kits

OneGuide Kit

Osstem's OneGuide Kit allows doctors to visualize and plan implants for their patient's dental anatomy with a high level of accuracy letting them predict the amount of room needed for crown or other supra-structure after installing the abutment

Why OneGuide Kit?


Precise drilling enabled by computer-aided implant planning, simulation and custom surgical guide template

Quick Surgery

Flapless surgery, no need for incision and suture. Possible to place implants with only 2 - 4 drilling steps.

Allowing you to determine the implant length, position and angulation before performing the sinus lift surgery

Beyond the Limit

Open Guide enables easy entrance of drill into the guide template for Patients with limited intermaxillary space

What makes the OneGuide Kit so special

Sophisticated OneGuide Drilling Concept!

  Shortened drilling steps to implant placement by adopting Taper 122 concepts

  Possible to implant posterier teeth in spite of interocclusal space limitationthrough side open guide

  Reduce drill vibration for precise drilling

  Faster sugery without worrying about overheating

Simple but Accurate Drilling Sequence

Innovation 1

  Shortened drilling steps to implant placement by adopting Taper 122 concepts

  Possible to place implant after only 2 - 4 drills depending on bone quality

Innovation 2

  Possible to implant posterior teeth in spite of interocclusal space limitation through side open guide

  As the drill is inserted through side window according to patiens oral status, possible to solve interocclusal space limitation

  Required interocclusal space: OneGuide-30mm, Conventional guide-51mm

  Availale to choose open or closed sleeve guide if required

Accurate surgery with stabilized drills

Innovation 3

  Reduced drill vibration for precise drilling

Precise drilling as the drill can be contacted with guide area within 3mm

Precise drilling with reduced vibration as the drill is in contact with the guide as well as the osteotomy suplying double barrell drill contact anchorage

Innovation 4

  Faster surgery without worrying about overheating

  Unique drill shape with high cutting force (Rec 800 - 1200rpm) for reduced drilling time leading to reduced inner osteotomy heat generation reducing risk of bone nectrosis

  Open sleeve side entry guide facilitates easy irrigation during drilling

Prevents bone heating

  Due to the drill design, the cutting power has improved, which leads to skipping intermediate drilling which prevents bone heating by maintaining low temperature with high-speed

Predictable and Accurate Keyless Guided Surgery

  Guided implant surgery allows to visualize the steps of the procedures and create custom drilling templates

Digital Workflow