Surgical Kits

Dr Cho's Instrument Kit

The Dr Cho's Instrument Kit contains 10 Kinds of Instruments Composed of commonly used surgical instruments

Why Dr Cho's Instrument Kit?


One kit with 10 of the most commonly used Surgical Instruments

What makes Dr Cho's Instrument Kit so special?

1. Periosteal Elevator

  • Comparing to Molt 9, with narrow width, fine and precise surgery possible.
  • The instrument lifting the mucosal periosteum after cutting the gingival tissue.

2. Minesota Retractor

  • Improving gripping area for long time use, which reduces hand fatigue (patent).
  • The device that can secure the visibility by pulling the mouth, cheeks, etc.

3. Periosteal Elevator Selden

  • The device that lifts and fixes the mucosal periosteum after cutting the gingival tissue.

4. Needle Holder, Crile-Wood, TC

  • Preventing the situation of being caught intermittently by bevel processing in the middle of the needle holder.
  • Tungsten carbide treatment in the Beak area enables retaining fine sutures, thereby increasing the convenience of the procedure.

5. Ochsenbein Chisel

  • Useful when collecting a small amount of autogenous bone.
  • The blade is toward the front.

6. Tissue Forcep, ADSON

  • The instrument catching the gingival without hurting the soft tissue due to no protrusion on the inner surface.

7. Titanium Suction Tip

  • High durability with titanium tip (inner diameter 3mm).

8. Dr. Cho's Instrument Pouch

  • Using for the storage and sterilization of instruments.
  • Size 470x400mm.

9. Extension Hose

  • Hose for extension, connecting to unit chair suction.
  • Possible for autoclave sterilization (silicone material).

10. Extension Hose Adaptor

  • Adaptor to connect to unit chair suction.