OssBuilder Components

Extension (for TS)

2 stage procedure

Torque application: 5-8Ncm

Cover Cap driver placement

SB, SB2 Compatible

Why OssBuilder?

Easy Handling

Pre-shaped design reflects common clinical cases, requiring no additional bending or trimming

Less Invasive

OssBuilder is directly connected to the implant without additional fixing screw on the edge of the mesh

Volume Maintenance

Forged titanium mesh with a high rigidity effectively retains the volume against external stress

3D Design Maximize Clinical Convenience

  3D Pre-formed Design requires no trimming or bending

  Line-up for various bone defect cases

Minimal Exposure of Membrane During Bone Healing

  Suturing with Cover Cap H:0.3mm minimizes the possibility of exposure

  Healing Caps for non-submerged procedure for patients with insufficient soft tissues

Minimal Gingiva Incision Shortens Recovery Period

  High-rigidity curved mesh maintains its shape without fixation screws

  Secondary surgery can be performed with minimal incision

Implant Extension (for TS) - By Osstem

  2 stage procedure

  Torque application: 5-8Ncm

  Cover Cap driver placement

  SB, SB2 Compatible