GBR Kits

Esset Kit

ESSET Kit is an excellent solution for stable implant placement

for narrow ridge by split, expanding and tapping

Why Esset (Excellent Stable Split Expanding and Tapping) Kit?

Safe Expansion

Safe spreading of the alveolar ridge without fracturing the buccal wall

Short Treatment

Enables secure fixation for immediate loading & shortens the healing time due to 4-wall defects


Insertion of implants with a diameter of 4.0mm and 4.5mm despite the narrow alveolar ridge

What makes the Esset (Excellent Stable Split Expanding and Tapping) Kit so special?

Simple, Predictable and Safe

It is easy to follow sequence and makes patients comfortable compared to conventional methods

Reduced Membrane or Bone Graft (GBR) Cost

  Osteotomy expansion is simple using the Expansion Tap. Controlled method of widening the implant site without the use of GBR and unnecessary bone drilling. The cost of using GBR is avoided.

Fast and Convenient Ridge Split Using a Saw

  Worry free splitting of the alveolar bone is performed with the ESSET saw, significantly reducing the risk of buccal plate fracturing.

Safe Ridge Expansion Using Expansion Tap

  It is possible to control the strength and speed of the Expansion Tap, which uses a surgical engine. The lower apex and upper body is used to remove and expand the bone in order to safely widen the alveolar bone without any buccal plate fracture and ensure excellent initial stability due to bone elasticity.

Convenient Alteration of the Alveolar Bone Using the Crestal Remover

  The irregular bone can be altered using a crestal reover to facilitate the location selection and placement of the implant.

Crest Remover

  Appropriate buccolingual width obtained by ridge organization

  Easy to select the implant placement location

  Minimised splashing effect

Fast Bone Regeneration from 4-Wall Defect

With Sufficient bone forming cell supply from the 4-wall defect, the recovery time for bone regeneration can be shortened compared to that of the grafted bone.

General GBR Procedure

In GBR, bones cells are supplied from one direction and they penetrate into the graft through the growing blood vessel. Bone healing is prolonged as it occurs through multiple stages including incorporation, replacement, modelling and RAP, and this means that there is a high probability of complications.

Ridge Splitting Procedure

During ridge splitting, if the fixture is in contact with the patient's bone, the blood supply allows bone regeneration to occur in all directions at the same time. This shortens the bone healing time and results in a satisfying osseointegration.

Minimal Bone Fracture & High Initial Stability

The possibility of a secondary infection is lower even for open wounds, and the initial implant stability is enhanced by tapping the basal bone base elasticity in the coronal pulp.

Surgical Procedure

Step 1
  • Creation of a bone plateau with the Crest Remover
  • Leveling the sharp alveolar ridge
Step 2
  • Initial drill at the position of the implant placement
Step 3
  • Split bones with the saw
Step 4
  • Bone spreading with the expansion drill
Step 5
  • Implant placement after bone spreading
Step 6
  • Complete implant placement
Step 7
  • Sewing

Improve your workflow with the ESSET Kit



Safe spreading of the alveolar ridge without fracturing the buccal wall.

  • Minimizes the risk of a fracture due to the self-tapping expansion drill in the spreaded bone.
  • High primary stability due to the elasticity of the spread bone.



Spread without hammering

  • More comfort for patients

Placement without overtorque

  • Position next to the ridge spread with an expansion / spreading drill