Sinus Kits


The Lateral Approach Sinus Kit (LAS-KIT) is specifically designed to easily and safely lift the membrane in the maxilliary sinus from a crestal approach

Why LAS (Lateral Approach Sinus) Kit?


With the combination of stopper and unique drills, easy and safe window formation is available


Bone lid created during the drilling prevents the membrane from direct contact with the drill and damage

2 Options

Depending on the patient condition and the clinician preferance, Dome Drill and Core Drill are available

What makes the LAS (Lateral Approach Sinus) Kit so special

Minimizes the risk of membrane peforation

  The round-shaped cutting edge drill design minimizes the risk of sinus membrane perforation

  Bone chips and bone lid are gathered during the drilling procedure which minimizes direct touch of the drills to the membrane and therefore making window formation much safer

  LAS drills can be drilled from 400 to 800 RPM and used on several different bone dentsities

Good accessibility and Convenient Surgery by Stable Drilling Performance

  The Guide contributes to safe surgery by preenting slips and kickbacks

  Good accessibility of the drills make surgery for sites, that are difficult to approach due to limited space, possible

  The easy-to-use kit is designed to minimise the number of steps involved in a sinus lift surgery, reducing overall chair time, complications, and patient discomfort

Dome Drill Design

  Minimizing direct contact with the membrane by forming a bone lid

  Effective depth control by using stopper system (0.5mm increment). Prevents soft tissue damage

Core Drill Design

  Round-shaped cutting edge minimizes direct contact with the membrane

  The inverse conical drill tip and round edge designs helps prevent membrane perforaction

  Caution: Over drilling may cause membrane perforation

Safe and Easy Way to Form Window

  Unlike difficult conventional method of using a high speed bur, the LAS drill in combination with the soppers make windown formations for beginners possible

  Drilling depth controlled with effective stopper system 90.5mm increment) which prevents soft tissue damage

  The drill is highly versatile, allowing it to be used on sinus floors that are flat, inclined or over a septum

  A total of 6 stoppers : 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm