Surgical Kits

MS Kit

Narrow Ridge Surgical Kit.

Specifically used for MS Implants.

Used in areas where the bone is narrow (small interdental spaces).

Why MS Kit?

Perfectly Designed

Specifically developed for MS implants


Easy to use even in closely spaced teeth

Convenient Path Check

The drilling path can be easily checked and corrected with parallel pin

Simple Drilling Sequence

  Simplified and convenient by minimizing the number of drilling

Convenient when designing anterior prosthetis

  Designed to protude when bone resorption occurs in the anterior region

Perfectly Designed for MS Implants

Driver Separator

  • Is used to seperate the driver if it jams during implant placement.

Drill Extension

  • Extension of drill and other handpiece tools (16.9mm).

Parallel Pin

  • A tool to check if the drilling hole is formed with desired depth and path after initial drilling.
  • MSPP: Bottom part diameter Ø1.5 / Top part diameter Ø18.
  • MSPPN: Bottom part diameter Ø1.5 / Top part shape is the same as MS Narrow Ridge.

Ratchet Wrench

  Wrench that can apply torque without restriction

  Be careful of internal damage of bone or implant when excessive torque is applied

Torque Driver / Machine Driver

  Exclusive driver for narrow ridge type & provisional type

  Use triangle marking to align with the flat surface of implant head

  For narrow ridge & provisional type and denture type

High Quality Twist Drills

  Straight Non-stopper drill

  Specification : Ø1.8 – S/L Ø2.3 – S/L Ø2.5 – S/L

  Recommended speed : 1,200 ~ 1,500rpm