Portable X-Ray

Clear Image! Light Weight!

Clear Image

Light weight (approximately 1.5kg)

High efficiency battery

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Why Portable X-Ray?

Very Light

Due to the light weight (1.5 kg), it is much more comfortable to work and the device can be held comfortably with one arm

Efficient Battery

Thanks to a high-capacity battery, the device only needs to be charged once a week with normal use (30-60 images per day)

High Image Quality

Image quality corresponds to the standard X-ray process with significantly simplified handling

Clear Image

  As clear as standard X-ray (70 ky, 3mA)

  Clarity enhanced by FOCAL SPOT (0.3mm)

What makes the Portable X-Ray so special?

Easy To Use With One Hand

  No wrist strain or fatigue

  A weight of only 1.5 kg

Intuitive Screen

  Relevant information always at a glance (e.g. patient information, working hours)

  Operable LCD display with a viewing angle of 150°

Recharge Only Once A Week

  With a standard use of 30-60 images per day, the device only needs to be charged once a week

  Thanks to the high-performance battery, up to 300 pictures can be taken with one charge