122 Taper KIT

Super Convenient Procedure in 2 Steps

∙ Surgical KIT That is Optimized to The Taper Fixture
∙ Reducing Chair Time with Ever Convenient Procedure
∙ Increasing User Convenience as Cortical Drilling is Not Necessary

122 Taper KIT TOP

Soft Bone

122 Taper KIT Soft Bone

Normal Bone

122 Taper KIT Normal bone

Hard Bone

122 Taper KIT Hard bone

Excellent Drilling Power

Maximizing drilling power (with distinguishing drill design and excellent manufacturing technology) which skips intermediate drilling and provides smooth and fast drilling result

122 Taper KIT Excellent Drilling Power

Preventing Bone Heating

Excellent drilling power leads to skipping intermediate drilling and this prevents bone heating by maintaining low drilling temperature

122 Taper KIT Preventing Bone Heating

Preventing Drill Bouncing

Multiple shaped taper drill also functions as pilot drill and this prevents bouncing during drilling

122 Taper KIT Preventing Drill Bouncing