Esset KIT

Easy Split & Expansion at Narrow Ridge

• Safe expansion without breaking the Buccal plate
• Ridge splitting without Malletting
• Capable of securing strong initial stability at Ridge Split operations,
that allows immediate loading
• Curing time is decreased thanks to 4 wall defect
• Possible to place Ø4.0, Ø4.5 fixtures even in narrow ridges

Esset KIT Narrow Ridge

Safe Expansion Without Breaking the Buccal Plate

• Expansion drill expands the split bone by self tapping, which lowers the probability of breaking the bone
• Possible to gain strong initial stability by using the elasticity of the expanded bone

Esset KIT Safe Expansion 1 Ridge split KIT
Esset KIT Safe Expansion 2 ESSET KIT

Ridge Split Surgery Without Malletting

Able to prevent patient’s inconveniences caused by Malletting

Esset KIT Ridge Split Surgery 1
Ridge split KIT
Esset KIT Ridge Split Surgery 2

Possible to Place Implants Without Applying Over-Torque

Esset KIT Implants Without Applying Over-TorqueFixture can be placed without over torque because the split bone is expanded and secured with Expansion drill

Surgical Sequence

• The crest remover enables to gain minimum bone width for surgery
• Capable to straighten uneven ridge
• Initial drilling on the position for the implant
• Ridge split by using the saw
Expand bone width with expansion drill
• Place fixture when osteotomy is expanded with expansion drill
• Fixture placement finished
• Complete surgery with Suture


The ESSET KIT is a tool developed over the course of 1 0 years, evolving from the modified ridge split technique that was developed in 2002 by Dr. B.H. Suh in an attempt to resolve the issue of insufficient horizontal bone volume, without using the bone grafting procedure, by considering the visco-elastic properties of the bone tissues and the elasticity coefficient of the alveolar bone. The ESSET technique can shorten the healing time using the 4-wall defect to secure a sufficient stem cell source, and does not require additional bone graft or membrane. Also, fixture implant placement ensures high initial stability of the implant for immediate loading. It is a safe and simple procedure that anyone can perform.