Missing teeth?

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What happens to the missing tooth if left untreated?

Missing Tooth 1
1. The upper and lower teeth do not bite down comfortably

Missing Tooth 2
2. Teeth drift closing the space that creates gaps

Missing Tooth 3
3. Food debris gets trapped in gaps, plaque builds up quickly. In extreme cases this can lead to gum disease and tooth decay

Missing Tooth 4
4. Resorption of jaw bone when left untreated for a prolonged period of time. This leads to difficulty wearing a denture

Missing Tooth 5
5. Loosing jaw bone will result in premature ageing by the lips and cheeks collapsing

Missing Tooth 6

OSSTEM Implants are the smart choice!

What are dental implants?

What are dental implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots

Made from titanium they are placed by the dentist in the gap to secure a replacement tooth or bridge. The treatment can be for a single tooth or multiple teeth. Implants are also placed to secure an exisiting full denture.
Dental implants provide a more natural option for replacing missing teeth than false teeth or a bridge.

Treatment procedure and lifespan

Implant treatment procedure

Implant treatment procedure

Life long treatment:

Implants are considered semi-permanent, although thorough regular check-ups and post-treatment care will guarantee a long implant lifespan.

Clinical cases

Missing one tooth


Missing one tooth

Missing several teeth


Missing several teeth

Reasons to have dental implant treatment

Regain your confidence

Talk, smile and chew food with ease and comfort without worrying about how you look

Preserve your existing teeth

Unlike conventional bridged tooth replacement your adjacent teeth are untouched

Enjoy what you eat

Implants function like natural teeth allowing you to chew food with ease and digest
your food well

Improve comfort

Loose fitting dentures can be uncomfortable. Experience a securely fitting denture with implants

Preserve bone

When a tooth is removed bone is lost. Placing of dental implants preserves bone. Severe bone loss causes premature ageing

Life long smile

Implants are a long term treatment which can last a life time with regular check-ups and good health

Why choose Osstem Implant

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99.6% success rate*
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* Subjective Satisfaction of Clinician and Short-Term Clinical Evaluation of Osstem TSIII SA Implant

With implants you will have:

Implants 1

1. a confident & natural smile

Implants 2

2. no more worries about tooth decay

Implants 3

3. the same chewing ability as natural teeth

Implants 4

4. a motivation to maintain good oral hygiene

Implants 5

5. a significantly improved eating experience

Implants 6

6. preserved natural adjacent teeth

Implants 7

7. cost effective, life long treatment

Implants 8

8. a securely fitting denture

Implants 9

9. a healthier, happier you!

Osstem Implant
A leading implant company chosen by
thousands of dentists around the world

Selecting a good implant is as important as finding a good dentist.

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