Crestal Approach Sinus Kit

 When compared to similar procedures such as the lateral window or osteotomes technique, the CAS Kit is proven to be the least invasive method of performing sinus lift surgery. The kit includes components that have been specially designed to minimize risk by providing the tools for a non-traumatic crestal approach to sinus elevation for patients, even if the sinus floor is flat, inclined or has a septum.

The atraumatic design of the drill head contains four blades that reduce deflecting off the bone, and straight sides that dampen vibrations. This design also encourages bone particles to discharge upwards, producing a ‘membrane auto-lift function’ that prevents membrane perforation. A customized stopper system allows the user to easily perform a procedure without the fear of over-drilling, and the unique hydraulic lifter promotes the ability to easily and safely lift the membrane.


This all-inclusive kit provides everything the user needs for a safe and effective sinus lift procedure. You will receive:
  • a 2.0 twist drill (0.6mm tip and 13mm length)
  • CAS drills in 6 different diameters
  • 11 anodized stoppers of varying heights labeled from 2mm to 12mm
  • a depth gauge
  • an hydraulic membrane lifter and accompanying rubber tubing
  • a bone carrier with dual diameters of 3.5mm and 3.9mm
  • bone spreaders in 2.0mm and 3.0mm diameters
  • a bone condenser with dual diameters of 2.3mm and 3.3mm

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