TS Implant System

Bone-Level, Internal Hex, Fixtures


The TS Implant System is the most popular implant used by implantologists. Every medical case can benefit from a short and minimally invasive treatment which is reasonably priced and is very predictable when choosing from a large range of implant prosthetics.

The TS implants not only sticks out because of the excellent design with an efficient corkscrew thread, self-tapping ability and dual thread, but also support a sustainable primary stability.
Our TS system has a morse taper connection, providing a superior connection between the implant and the abutment. There is no micro gaps; the entry of bacteria and resulting bone loss is prevented.

The feature of the platform switching and the ingenious drill concept of the Taper Surgical Kit guarantee a long term success for the stabilisation of hard and soft tissue. Every surgery can be performed with excellent aesthetic results based on the wide range of prosthetic components for the TS System.


Characteristics of TS Implant System
SA: Sand blasted with alumina and Acid etched surface
  • Optimal morphology: Combination of crater and micro-pit
  • Optimal surface roughness: Ra 2.5~3.0㎛
  • Early cell response: 20% faster than RBM
  • Early bone healing: 20% faster than RBM
  • Early loading possible after 6 weeks of placement.

OSSTEM SA surface morphology and roughness increased by 45% compared to RBM treatment. SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) image

Overview of TS Implant

TS Products

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