For each of our implant systems and for every operation, you are fully equipped with a surgical kit to suit. There is a time saving and a effective patient care with the easy handling of our tools and excellent results in use of our drills and instruments, for the complete satisfaction of the dentist and assistant.TAPER KIT [image] Use range:123 KIT [image] The 123 Kit reduces the number of conventional drilling steps to one in soft bone, to two in normal bone, and three in hard bone. Both patient and dentist can both have a win-win by shortening the time of implant surgery. The 123 Kit can also maximize the convenience for the users by integrating drilling sequences for TS, SS, and US Fixtures. Use range: Ideal for Straight Body Implants: TSII, SSII und USII 
Also Taper Body Implants (TSIII, SSIII and USIII) can be placed with the 123 kit, with no additional elements. But we recommend in this case our specialized Taper Kit with specialized tapered drills.MS KIT Use range: MS System