Osstem Implant celebrates 20th anniversary. United together, your world, our future.

One of the biggest dental implant events in the world bringing the most recognised doctors. New techniques and methods, together with innovative tools and products for the industry.

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April 29th Program:
Session 1
  • Dr. Sooyoung Lee (KOR): Current Techniques & Concepts in Digital implant dentistry
  • Dr. Yongjin Kim (KOR):State of the art Implant Placement with Osstem OneGuide System
Session 2
  • Dr. Jerry C.Lin (TWN): Implant site development for a long-term success.
  • Dr. Yongseok Cho (KOR): Impact of Hydraulic Lift System in Sinus Bone Augmentation
  • Dr. Keisuke Wada (JPN): Sinus Elevation for Implant
  • Dentistry -Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Surgical Techniques and Management of Complications
Session 3
  • Dr. David Chong (USA): Contemporary Esthetic Solutions for Anterior Maxilla
  • Dr. Kiseong Kim (KOR): Implant Placement using OSSTEM Guided Surgery System (OneGuideTM)
Session 4
  • Dr. Marcus Lastimado (USA): All on X with Hiossen
  • Dr. Cesaltino Rem├ędios (PRT): The choice of the number of implants to use on a rehabilitation
April 28th Program (Hands-on Courses):
  • Dr. Yongjin Kim (KOR): Simple & Predictable Alveolar Bone Augmentation using Smartbuilder & Soft Tissue Management for Successful Implant Treatment
  • Dr. David Chong (USA): Ridge Expansion / Ridge Splitting Technique : Overcoming Alveolar Ridge Deficiency
  • Dr. Marcus Lastimado (USA): All on X surgucal & prosthetics
  • Dr. Sooyoung Lee (KOR): All about Oneguide
  • Dr. Yongseok Cho (KOR): Easy and safe sinus bone augmentation using the CAS kit